• A portable and practical pill and jewelry storage box organizer, which is mainly made of durable non-toxic, food-grade clear hard plastic material, and consists multiple grids ideal for storing earrings, rings, beads and other mini jewelry. Besides, the storage box can also be used to store a variety of pills and a variety of small drugs.
  • Features - This small and clear storage box makes storing easier and you can reach the things simpler and quicker. - Portable design and easy to use carry.
  • Easy Storage - This small and clear storage box makes storing easier and you can reach the things simpler and quicker.
  • Easy to Carry The lightweight and portable design makes it very easy to carry the box.
  • You can see your pills and capsules stored inside the box
  • Helps keep track of medicines you take different times in a day and easy to keep in a purse or bag. Dispenser case for small stationery like clips, pins, rubber bands, jewellery, small tools, pendants, chains, earrings, rings, memory cards, novelty mini box, useful, compact
  • Pills with seprate containers around 12 containers are there of 4 different colours.
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Size in cms: 25 x 13 x 7

  • Medicine Box Medicine Organsier Box Product Features multipurpose medicine box organizer/Vitamins pill box organizer
  • Storage box for home, kids, babies, older people having Compact design. No bag, No pouch, no electric alarm. Color as per picture. PP, ABS, BPA-free plastics.
  • Get it and have the Medication Organizer Pill Box to organize your medications better without you taking the trouble to know when to take your daily dose of medicines.
  • Convenient Medication Organizer for Vitamins, Medications and Pills. 
  • Prevent missed doses and mixed doses with Easy Pill. Suitable for travellers, geriatric patients, hospital use and patients who take lot of medicines everyday.
  • It brings to you this pill box which is for anyone who needs to track their medicine usage each day and gives visual indication if the medicine has been taken or not.
  • Gift this your loved ones and keep them healthy.
  • Medicine pill organizer, Box, Storage, never, not forget, celebration. Drug, capsule, vitamins, tablets, safe, light weight, Holder, Carry case, compartment, container, Trinkets, portable, ABS, PP, Non toxic, BPA-free,Gift, Non Odour or odour, smartest kits, multipirpose jewellery or jewelry.
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